The Secret Chord
Music is often described as the universal language. A song can touch and move people in powerful ways. Music can transend almost any boundry that is placed before it. Everyone has at one time heard a song that has captured their heart and soul. The secret chord has set out to make sure that this powerful gift continues to spread and reach new people.

Our Mission:
While the secret chord might appear to be a normal musical instrument store, it is anything but normal. A portion of every sale goes directly towards supporting one of our charity organizations. We use a portion of each sale to fund our free music camps. These camps include both musical instruction and performances by our experienced instructors. These camps are the perfect way to get the children excited about the world of music. While there is no cost to attend a camp, donations are often given. Any donations that are received are placed into the charity fund. Go ahead and strum the secret chord with with us today.

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